MedCheck Hirslanden

You’d like to have a medical check-up, and it‘s important for you to have it in the right surroundings? In that case you can be sure that the specialists at Klinik Hirslanden will provide the best possible service, thanks to our excellent medical infrastructure and our wide range of treatments.


MedCheck Hirslanden offers the opportunity of a high-quality, comprehensive medical check-up that is individually tailored to each patient’s requirements – and everything is completed in a very short time. Our standard range of check-ups comprises three different models, and we can also adapt each model by adding various supplementary investigations according to our patients’ personal wishes.


The Comprehensive MedCheck takes one day. The main components are a detailed consideration of your medical history, a comprehensive physical examination with important supplementary investigations and an assessment of all the findings as a basis for recommendations that will enable you to maintain your health.


The 2 Day MedCheck offers you a wide range of screening tests and preventive investigations, and also includes an in-patient stay at our clinic.


The Extended Individual MedCheck is intended for patients who already have a serious illness. On request, we shall compile a program that includes the necessary investigations for you.


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