2 Day MedCheck

As its name suggests, the 2 Day MedCheck lasts two whole days. In addition to the services included in the Comprehensive MedCheck, you will also be examined thoroughly by several specialists from various departments of Klinik Hirslanden. To conclude the check-up, you will be briefed in detail on your current state of health; based on the results, we shall show you how you can take efficient preventive action that will benefit your health in the long term. If further investigations or clarifications are needed, we shall be glad to help you to organize them.


The following services are included:

Medical history

  • Current health problems
  • Patient history
  • Family history
  • Review of systems
  • Social history
  • Allergies
  • Habits


Medical examination

  • General state of health
  • Head, neck and throat
  • Skin, lymph nodes, thyroid glands
  • Heart, circulation, blood pressure
  • Lungs, respiration
  • Abdomen (digestive organs)
  • Men: prostate
  • Nervous system
  • Skeleton, joints, muscles

Function tests

  • Resting ECG
  • Exercise ECG
  • Complete lung function testing


Further investigations

  • Detailed blood analysis
  • MRI
  • Whole body without contrast media
  • Skull without contrast media, including
  • Gastroscopy and coloscopy, including


Concluding consultation

  • Discussion of all the investigative results
  • Recommendations for further procedure
  • Personal advice on:
    - Nutrition
    - Exercise
  • Presentation of complete documentation

Contact MedCheck Hirslanden

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T +41 44 387 20 50
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