Lower extremities

  • Arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures on the hip joint for sports injuries and beginning deterioration
  • Osteotomies on the pelvis and on the hips
  • Hip joint replacement for painful arthroses
  • Revision surgery for loosened hip prostheses
  • Knee arthroscopies, arthroscopically assisted cruciate ligament reconstructions
  • Cartilage replacement operations
  • Stabilisation procedures on the extensor apparatus for patellar luxations (dislocations of the knee cap)
  • Periarticular axial corrections of the knee
  • Knee joint replacement for knee joint arthroses


Ultramodern navigation systems are used in orthopaedic surgery. These assist the surgeon from the planning to the operation with precise three-dimensional bone models, e.g. during the implantation of hip and knee total endoprotheses. These navigation systems open up new opportunities for the surgeon to elevate their quality standards: the precision of the implantation is increased as a result and the operation outcome improves accordingly.