The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group has been running a comprehensive and systematic quality management system for years. The basic aim is to continually improve the quality of care and patient safety. An important prerequisite for this is a detailed and current picture of the quality in the individual hospitals. For this reason, Hirslanden continually collects a wide range of clinical performance indicators.


From the perspective of the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, every involvement in quality management in the healthcare industry, every indicator collected, and every data publication should benefit the patient and be able to provide a foundation for the patient's decision. The main areas of quality management include systematic work on the processes in order to ensure high patient satisfaction, and the introduction of measures to further increase patient safety.


Hirslanden therefore engages in the quality discussion and does not fear being compared with the competition. In order to live up to its claim as a quality leader, the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group also published a detailed quality report for the financial year 2014/2015. 

Patient safety at Hirslanden

Patient Safety Concept

Patient safety is of the highest significance. To ensure patient safety, Hirslanden - together with all the patient safety administrators of the clinics - passed a Patient Safety Concept in 2014. Among other things, the Patient Safety Concept addresses issues pertaining to: