Travel information

In the heart of Europe, Switzerland is easily accessible by air, road, and rail. If you’re travelling by plane, Zurich is your intercontinental hub, while Geneva, Basle, Berne and Lugano all have airports for short and partly long haul flights, too. Our airports are linked to either the national rail system or easily reachable by public transport. Rail travel throughout Switzerland and to any of the Hirslanden hospitals, is a fast, comfortable and safe option. Regardless of where you arrive, the compactness of the country means you’re never far from a major city or the most popular tourist attractions. And our national airline SWISS offers more than 70 destinations should you need to travel further.

Visa request

Since December 12, 2008 Switzerland is an associated member state of the Schengen agreement and part of the Schengen area. The Schengen regulations allow member state citizens a stay of up to three months in Switzerland. Should you require a visa, Switzerland will issue one, for a stay of up to three months that is generally valid for the whole Schengen area.