Swiss Healthcare

Switzerland’s health care system is recognized the world over for its quality and innovation. No surprise, when you consider the public and private investment in the education and training of our medical professionals. With strong ties to the Swiss pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, health care in Switzerland is at the forefront of modern medical science. In fact, many of our doctors and specialists are involved in research and development projects in the areas of next-generation medicine and medical technology.


And the Swiss, who rank among the healthiest citizens in the world, also express a high degree of satisfaction with the country’s health care system. Regardless of their needs, when medical attention is required, compassionate, reliable and efficient care is available without delay or unnecessary paperwork.


In fact, Switzerland’s medical services are best described in terms already strongly associated with the country: quality, security, cleanliness and precision. As a guest of the Hirslanden hospitals, you benefit from everything that makes the Swiss system successful, in the hands of its leading private health care provider.