A medical checkup is a worthwhile investment in your own health. We look forward to seeing you.


Customised to suit your needs

We offer a range of checkups that are tailored to meet your personal requirements. If necessary, they can be backed up by supplementary investigations.

With our thorough medical examination and individual consultation we can help you prevent health disorders and identify risk factors in good time.

You will be attended by checkup specialists with many years of experience and in-depth expert knowledge in the fields of diagnosis, prevention, and early recognition. At the checkup you will benefit from state-of-the-art examination methods and our highly-modern infrastructure.

For any supplementary investigations and treatment that may be necessary you will have direct access to the entire Hirslanden network with 1,600 highly-qualified medical specialists serving 100 dedicated health centres.

You will be presented with your own personal, easily understood health dossier, detailing all your findings.

Examinations and tests

  • In-depth consultation and medical examination
  • Wide-ranging laboratory tests (blood, urine and stool)
  • Vaccination check
  • Cancer screening (prostate, breast, skin and GI tract)
  • Diabetes screening
  • Detailed check of cardiovascular function and risk factors
  • Determination of the ideal training pulse range(Conconi test)
  • Lung function tests
  • Functional examination of the spine
  • Sight and hearing tests
  • Measurement of the body's composition (body fat, water, muscle mass, weight / BMI)
  • MRI or ultrasound (Computed Tomography only on medical indication)

Healt counselling

  • Detailed discussion and explanation of all the examination findings
  • Personal advice on nutrition, exercise and training as well as active stress reduction
  • Joint preparation of your own individual health programme
  • Hand out of your personal health dossier

Who pays for medical checkups?

In Switzerland, some checkup examinations are covered by additional insurance policies provided by health insurance schemes. Many companies pay a contribution towards the costs of medical checkups for their employees. Ask your health insurance scheme and your employer for more information.


The basic checkup

This checkup is aimed at people under 40 and focuses on investigations relevant to that age group.

The business checkup

This check-up is intended for clients till 65 years of age. This programme contains all the elements relevant to this age group; for example, age-related cancer screening.

The executive checkup

This checkup is for clients who value the highest standard of service and a checkup that can be fitted into a single day. For the greatest possible certainty we perform a comprehensive medical checkup, including a MRI or ultrasound (Computed Tomography only on medical indication). Our checkup specialists then allow plenty of time for private consultations to explain the findings to you, give you medical advice and answer any questions you may have. Should any further investigations be required we will organise them and carry them out, including transfers, as quickly as possible.


The golden age checkup

This programme is designed for clients over the age of 65, with the goal of maintaining the best possible health and standard of living. The programme includes all the elements of the Business check-up, as well as additional age-specific examinations, such as more extensive lab testing (for example, for osteoporosis). In addition, comprehensive information is provided on sporting activities, nutrition, preventative measures, etc. to enable an independent life for as long as possible.


The corporate checkup

For corporate clients, we offer the Hirslanden Prevention programme with customised checkups and supplementary features, such as lectures, seminars and health campaigns. We are happy to provide you with further information by phone.

Contact & Registration

Contact our check-up centres directly and register for your individual health check.

Checkup Centre Hirslanden
Forchstrasse 420
8702 Zürich/Zollikon
T +41 43 499 20 30

Preventive Centre Zurich
Seestrasse 220
8002 Zurich
T +41 44 209 20 88

Checkupcentre Lucerne
St. Anna im Bahnhof
Zentralstrasse 1
6003 Luzern
T +41 41 556 61 61

Checkup Centre Lausanne

Clinique Bois-Cerf
Av. d'Ouchy 31
1006 Lausanne
T +41 21 619 66 66

Clinique Cecil
Av. Ruchonnet 53
1003 Lausanne
T +41 21 310 57 02

Further possibilities for health checkups

Sportklinik Basel
Hirslanden Klinik Birshof
Reinacherstrasse 28
4142 Münchenstein
T +41 61 335 28 02

Center for oncology and hematology
AndreasKlinik Cham Zug
Rigistrasse 1
6330 Cham
T +41 41 784 08 84

Executive & International Medical Services (EIMS)
Clinique La Colline
Avenue de Beau-Séjour 6
1206 Genève
T +41 22 702 26 10

Nutrition Counselling and -therapy Klinik St. Anna
Klinik St. Anna
St. Anna-Strasse 32
6006 Luzern
T +41 41 208 30 10

Gastroenterology St. Anna
Klinik St. Anna
St. Anna-Strasse 32
6006 Luzern
T +41 41 208 31 41

Sportmedizin St. Anna im Bahnhof
Zentralstrasse 1
6003 Luzern
T +41 41 556 61 80

International Medical Center
Klinik Hirslanden
Witellikerstrasse 40
CH-8032 Zürich
T +41 44 387 20 50

Medical Assessment Center
Klinik Hirslanden
Witellikerstrasse 40
CH-8032 Zürich
T +41 44 387 20 50