Quality of living and ability of performance High quality of living and professional performance even at a high age has become a core concern for many. Our privileged society allows medical checkups for everyone, provided we wish to carry out such treatments to clarify our state of health. Checkups are offered by your family doctor, checkup centres and other providers.


CheckUp Centre Lucerne aims at an individual and comprehensive consulting and examination of your state of health. At our clinic, all state-of-the-art examination tools for diagnostics are available within a short period of time. Yet not all technically available and possible examinations make sense or could even be considered harmless.

Comprehensive consultation

We therefore highly appreciate thorough analysis of value and potential risk in early detection of illnesses, respectively the recognition of potentially harmful diagnostic findings.

Before the actual checkup, a personal conversation with a doctor takes place in order to ensure that only tailored and really necessary checkups are executed.

In case there are any findings of an illness or consequences of a prior accident, we thoroughly counsel you concerning any necessary medical actions to take.

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