1. Scope of application

This website is operated by Hirslanden AG with registered office in Zurich (Corporate Office, Boulevard Lilienthal 2, CH-8152 Opfikon, hereinafter: HIRSLANDEN or "we"). The WEBSITE is aimed at any persons who visit it. The WEBSITE and the Terms of Use conform with applicable Swiss law. Persons who visit the WEBSITE (hereinafter: USERS or "you") agree to the Terms of Use set forth below, and in particular accept the disclaimer of liability (item 7).

2. Change to the Terms of Use

Changes and supplements to these Terms of Use and contents of the WEBSITE may be implemented at any time without notice, and enter into force immediately upon publishing on this WEBSITE.

3. Access and availability

The USER has no entitlement to access to this WEBSITE or to error-free technical availability of the WEBSITE. HIRSLANDEN may block or restrict access to the WEBSITE at any time without notice.

4. Content

The content of this WEBSITE (CONTENT) is intended exclusively to provide general information about HIRSLANDEN and HIRSLANDEN services as well as general information about medical issues. The information on this WEBSITE about HIRSLANDEN services does not represent a binding solicitation or offer to the USER. 

  • Changes
    HIRSLANDEN may change, supplement or remove any CONTENT of this WEBSITE at any time without notice.
  • Medical information
    The USER is expressly advised that medical information on this WEBSITE can in no way substitute for a personal consultation and/or examination by a physician or qualified healthcare professional.
  • Third-party content
    Third parties are allowed to publish material in designated sections of the WEBSITE. The article sender is solely responsible for the content of this material.
  • Interactive offers
    The USER is solely responsible for content transmitted by the USER when using interactive features of the WEBSITE, such as the sending of e-cards. The transmission of content which is illegal or in breach of standards of public propriety and the transmission of content to addressees who are unknown to the USER (such as the sending of advertising) are prohibited. HIRSLANDEN may block the transmission of USER content without informing the USER or disclosing any reasons for doing so.
  • Links
    This WEBSITE contains links to the websites of other providers. These links are for provided solely as a convenience for users of the WEBSITE and do not constitute permission to use the content of any other website. HIRSLANDEN assumes no liability for the websites of another providers. Following links therefore occurs at the USER’s own risk. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of any third-party sites linked to our WEBSITE respecting how your personal data is used on those sites.

5. Copyright

All CONTENT is protected by trademark, patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights and is the property of HIRSLANDEN unless such rights are held by third parties.

The USER is permitted to display, save, print out and/or copy CONTENT exclusively for private usage purposes. The USER is prohibited from changing any CONTENT, and may not remove any references to copyright or trademarks. Any further use of the CONTENT or elements thereof requires the prior written consent of HIRSLANDEN.

In particular, it is prohibited without the prior written consent of HIRSLANDEN:

  • to in any manner redistribute, forward, edit or reproduce the CONTENT or elements thereof for commercial purposes
  • to in any manner publish the CONTENT or elements thereof, to in any manner publish derivative works which are significantly based on the CONTENT or elements thereof, including for non-commercial purposes.
  • to link other websites to the CONTENT or elements thereof.

Excluded from the above are specially designated images and text found in the Press Information section, which may be used without the prior written consent of HIRSLANDEN exclusively for press coverage of HIRSLANDEN specifically along as the source is explicitly stated.

6. Data protection

See our Data Protection Statement for information on data protection and the processing of personal data by Hirslanden

7. Disclaimer

HIRSLANDEN checks CONTENT to ensure its correctness and timeliness. However, HIRSLANDEN does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of CONTENT. HIRSLANDEN disclaims any liability to the USER or third parties for damages in connection with usage of the CONTENT.

HIRSLANDEN furthermore does not guarantee that the WEBSITE is free of viruses or other harmful elements, and shall not be liable for resulting damages suffered by the USER or third parties.

8. Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

Swiss law shall exclusively govern. Should one or more provisions of these Terms of Use be or become invalid, wholly or in part, due to contravention of laws or regulations or to legislative amendments, all other provisions of the Terms of Use shall remain in force and a provision shall apply in substitute which fulfils the intended purpose behind the invalid provision to the closest possible extent. The place of jurisdiction shall be Zurich.