Extensive medical care for the musculoskeletal system

The qualified medical specialists at Rheumatology St. Anna diagnose and treat all kinds of rheumatic diseases. Our services are provided during outpatient consultations and, if necessary, during your stay at the hospital.

Benefit from modern examination and treatment options

Each specialist has extensive experience and specialist knowledge, as well as a particularly refined area of expertise, so that synergies can be exploited to the full advantage of the patients. Regular, structured professional development is part of our quality assurance programme, so patients will also benefit from the latest diagnostic and treatment methods.

Effective interdisciplinary collaboration

Rheumatic diseases often affect more than just the musculoskeletal system. Our practice takes an interdisciplinary approach as a matter of course. We collaborate directly with colleagues from other specialist areas in order to achieve a holistic evaluation and care for our patients.

So you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with us, no matter how complex your musculoskeletal problems.

Rheumatology Lucerne
Location Klinik St. Anna
St. Anna-Strasse 32
6006 Luzern
Rheumatology Lucerne
Location St. Anna im Bahnhof
Zentralstrasse 1
6003 Luzern