Site Configuration

Property Value
Corporate Office /content/corporate
International Site true
Right To Left Handling false
Type of navigation default
Hide in Language Switch false
Show internal doctors first false
Clinic ID not defined
Disease Patterns not defined
Specialities not defined
Form Sender E-Mail
Form Contact E-Mail
Form disclaimer target not defined
Form disclaimer text not defined
Form disclaimer additional text not defined
Group search Text Search in Hirslanden group
Location not defined
Prospective-Clinic not defined
Logout Target URL Homepage
Read Speaker Customer ID 8057 (default)
Read Speaker Language not defined
Crazy Egg Id not defined
Google Tag Manager ID GTM-PRTK3Z (default)
Theme Mediclinic
Tag Base Path /etc/tags/hirslanden

Header Configuration

Show corporate header: No
Corporate Header Title:
Emergency link: not defined

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