Our patients have an ever-increasing need for pain-free mobility, so that they can remain active and independent well into old age.

One team of doctors multiple medical specialties

Conservative and operative orthopaedics have advanced significantly over the years and now encompass a comprehensive and diverse range of treatment methods. Today there is an individual therapy option for just about every orthopaedic problem, whether it’s degenerative or the result of trauma. To stay on top of these developments, more and more doctors are specialising in specific areas of orthopaedics.

Our medical professionals completed their education and training and renowned hospitals and each have a particular specialisation. As a result, Ortho Cham Zug provides patients with the best possible advice and therapy for all aspects of the musculoskeletal system.

Nearby hospital for added convenience

The imaging technologies required to establish a precise diagnosis are available at the nearby AndreasKlinik, so you’ll save valuable travel time.

Best possible results with post-operative follow-up treatment
Post-operative follow-up treatment is key aspect of the medical care provided by Ortho Cham Zug. Through regular and unscheduled check-ups at our centre as well as ongoing communication with your family doctor and physiotherapists, we can ensure the best possible results.

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