Admission form/insurance policy

You have decided to undergo a procedure or to stay at AndreasKlinik Cham Zug. After you have been registered by your doctor, you will receive the admission form from us. Please send us the completed form and a copy of your insurance policy with the enclosed paid envelope by e-mail or fax immediately so that we can request confirmation of coverage from your insurance company.

Fax +41 41 784 09 79

Patient decree

A patient decree allows you to define which medical procedures you agree to and which you do not wish to have. If you have a current patient decree, please bring this to the hospital and give it to your nurse upon admission. We will make a copy and deposit it in your file. You will keep the original.

Anaesthesia questionnaire

If you have received an anaesthesia questionnaire, please send this with the admission form and the completed copy of your insurance policy to the aforementioned contact details of Patient Admissions before your admission.


* Data protection

We require a copy of your insurance policy, which contains your personal details, policy number, the expiry date of your insurance and information shown on your insurance class (general, semi-private and private), so that our Patient Admissions can complete the organisational and administrative tasks related to your stay correctly (e.g. planning bed occupancy in the general, semi-private or private department, obtaining the confirmation of coverage from your insurance company). All other information on the policy (premium sums, any other insurance information) is not required and can be blacked out or left off.



If you require an extra-long bed or have other special needs, please inform Patient Admissions in good time. We will be pleased to help you with this. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Patient Admissions.
Our patient administration will answer any questions you may have related to insurance coverage and health insurance.



Admission time

On the day before you are admitted, please ring Patient Admissions to enquire about your time of admission. On the day of admission, report to reception at at the confirmed admission time. The appointments for any medical clarifications or for a discussion with the anaesthesia doctor will have already been made and reserved. Your admission time is scheduled on the day of the operation so that you do not have any unnecessary waiting time.

Registered inpatients can, where possible, move into their room before the operation. If this is not possible due to the time of admission, you will be admitted via the outpatient clinic and be brought to your room after the operation.
Registered outpatients
are admitted over the outpatient clinic.


We advise you to leave any valuables, jewellery and the like at home. Your room is equipped with a lockable compartment in the cupboard or with a safe in the single rooms. You can deposit your valuables at the reception if you so choose. The hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage of non-deposited personal effects.

Patient safety

The safety of our patients has the highest priority in all our medical and nursing services. The following additional measures are an integral part of our patient safety concept. You will find more information on patient safety in the section on Quality & Philosophy.




Anaesthesia discussion

On the day of admission, there will be a short meeting with the anaesthetist. He or she will inform you about the process and determine the right anaesthesia procedure together with you. The choice of anaesthesia is based on the type of operation, the general health condition and the wishes of the patient.

The nurse will take you to the operating theatre and prepare you for the monitoring of your cardiac activity and circulation. Together with the anaesthetist, they will also take over your care during the operation.

If you do not require a general anaesthetic, you can listen to music with headphones during the operation and follow the surgical procedure on the screen if you so choose. 

Information about the surgical procedure

The attending doctor will inform you, and your relatives if you so choose, as soon as possible about how the procedure is progressing.

Recovery phase and monitoring station

Depending on the procedure carried out, the type of anaesthetic and your underlying diseases, you will be admitted directly to your room or for monitoring in the recovery room, or to the intensive care ward (ICU) directly after the procedure. Patients who have undergone an outpatient procedure will be brought back to the outpatient clinic.
You can inform your immediate relatives of your condition by phone on the monitoring ward or in the day clinic. You may receive visitors after consulting the nursing staff.

During your stay

During your stay

Medical care

Your doctor is responsible for your treatment and care, and will make the arrangements. During the daily visits, he or she will be available to answer your questions directly. 

We will be at your side right throughout your stay

We guarantee you first-class professional care and assistance tailored to your personal needs. The nursing staff are responsible for your well-being and for your rapid return to health. They will follow the doctor's instructions quickly and to the letter. If you have a particular nursing-related concern, please contact the ward manager, or the head nurse.

24-hour doctor presence

A emergency doctor can be contacted at the hospital at all times of the day and night. Otherwise, your attending doctor or their representative can also be contacted by the hospital at any time if required. An operating and anaesthesia team is on standby 24/7.




Discharge time

Your discharge date will be determined in consultation with your attending doctor and the nursing staff. Please vacate your room by 9.00 a.m. at the latest on this day so we can get it ready for the new patients. 

important for outpatients

Patients of the outpatient clinic should occasionally get a third party to bring them to the outpatient clinic and home again. By law, a patient is deemed unfit to sign any agreement or drive a vehicle for 24 hours after an anaesthetic.

Follow-up care

You should discuss and organise possible follow-up care with your doctor before your hospital stay (health resort, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, home care/Spitex).


Patient questionnaire

We strive to continually improve the quality of the services at our hospital on an ongoing basis. We have commissioned a neutral institute to carry out regular patient surveys so that we can review the quality of our service and introduce improvements. You can also pass on your wishes and concerns to the clinic staff at any time. We look forward to your praise and will take any criticism seriously.




If you need aftercare, discuss this with your doctor at an early stage, ideally before your operation/ hospital stay. In addition to medical and nursing care, Case Management offers you the following services during and even before your stay:

  • Consultation in social, legal and financial matters before and during your stay in hospital
  • Coordination and organisation of the discharge
  • Organization of the transport
  • Organization of aftercare solutions
    • Rehabilitation
    • Recreational cures
    • Holiday room
    • Entry into a retirement and nursing home
    • Other external service providers (Spitex, home help, meal service, etc.)

Case management is part of the services offered by the clinic and is free of charge for you.

Good to know:
The entry into a rehabilitation clinic can take place after a cost credit by the service providers (health insurance, accident and military insurance, etc.) and must take place directly at the end of the clinic stay.

For a convalescence cure, the scope of benefits of your supplementary insurance is decisive; this can vary greatly depending on the insurer and the insurance policy taken out. Medical and therapeutic costs are generally covered by the compulsory health insurance. We will be happy to clarify these financing issues for you.


Case Management

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