The ENT Centre diagnoses and treats diseases affecting the head, throat and sensory organs. This includes the upper respiratory tract and oesophagus, as well as the patient’s ability to hear, use their vocal chords and speak, and their sense of balance. The ear, nose and throat specialists treat patients with hearing difficulties, tinnitus, acute hearing loss, hoarseness, snoring, as well as diseases affecting the nose, sinuses, mouth and throat.

Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgery

Our aim is to provide competent and professional care and advice concerning health problems affecting the nose, ear and throat. Our specialists work in close cooperation with other disciplines, thereby providing comprehensive and optimum care for all ENT diseases.

What is ENT?

Ear, nose and throat medicine (otorhinolaryngology) deals with the clarification and treatment of diseases affecting important head, neck and sensory organs. These include vital structures in the upper respiratory and digestive tracts, our indispensable hearing, voice and speaking functions which are essential to communication and the balancing system necessary to control the body.

This specialist area covers pathological modifications to or malformations of the soft parts of the face and neck as well, as the thyroid.

Out-patient consultations are available to all patients as an additional insurance is not required.

Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgery
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