Nutrition is much more than simply supplying our body with the necessary nutrients. Health, fitness and beauty are closely linked to our diet. Moreover, food connects us to other people and provides a great deal of pleasure. Our diet can quickly become restricted or affected by outside influences or illness. Unbalanced eating habits can also trigger diseases and contribute to lowering your quality of life.

Nutrition is our speciality

In the course of personal advisory sessions, we show you how to prepare a balanced diet in accordance with your needs.

Taking all decisive factors into account, such as habits, social structure, the time of life and your current health situation, we begin by undertaking a comprehensive analysis. On the basis of this analysis, we can provide you with optimum nutritional advice adapted to your specific case. By means of discussions, documents and numerous practical tips, we help you to put theory into practice, step by step. We draw your attention to possible ways of improving your current situation and instead of ignoring the often underestimated psychological aspects, we emphasise their influence on your eating habits.

However, things do not change overnight. There are no “wonder cures”. That is why your positive attitude is a very important element of the consultation, helping to achieve your long-term goal step by step.

Nutrition Advice
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