Terminally ill patients whose disease is at an advanced stage receive comprehensive palliative care from specialists at Hirslanden Klinik Aarau. Our goal is to preserve the patients’ quality of life and to support their caregivers. We are committed to alleviating their symptoms and improving the psychological balance for them and their relatives.

A team consisting of a palliative doctor, specialists in oncology, radiotherapy and internal medicine, specialist nursing personnel, psychologists, chaplains, dieticians, social workers and physiotherapists work closely together at Hirslanden Klinik Aarau to this end.

The range of palliative care at our hospital is available to all patients irrespective of their underlying illness or insurance status.

Nursing care is provided, where possible, at the place chosen by the patient. We accompany many palliative patients from diagnosis through to the end of their lives as inpatients at our hospital. There is no limitation on visiting hours and relatives can stay overnight with the patient in their room. Every patient has their own personal nurse. The continuity gives the patient a feeling of security. This creates a family environment and trust.

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Dr. med. Gabriela Popescu
General Internal Medicine
Palliative Care
Tumour Center Aarau
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