Physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy – two centres of competence under the same roof


The physiotherapy department at the Birshof clinic concentrates on out-patient and post-operative treatment and care relating to orthopaedic illnesses. In terms of physiotherapeutic treatment, we can call on a wide range of resources and types of therapy. Our aim is for the patients to regain their original day-to-day mobility by means of personalised treatment schemes, ensuring a full recovery and return to health.

Sports physiotherapy

The sports physiotherapy department at the Birshof clinic concentrates on post-operative follow-up treatment for injured sportsmen and women, the treatment of acute sporting injuries and chronic conditions resulting from too much strain, as well as the associated prophylactic measures. The aim is for the sportsperson to regain his/her optimum day-to-day and sporting capacities as quickly as possible by means of individual instruction, empathy and personal motivation.

Both centres are open to in- and out-patients.

Physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy
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