The spinal medical centre offers all the services concerning surgery on the vertebral column, in particular those used in corrective surgery. With the opening of the first specialised spinal medical unit at the Clinique Birshof, a new milestone has been reached.

This regional unit is devoted to treating spinal conditions. The long-term aim is to treat the patient from start to finish, from the initial assessment to the treatment of all spinal conditions. Our close collaboration with recognised specialists in the related fields (e.g.: neurology, rheumatology, neuro-surgery and orthopaedic surgery of the vertebral column) enables us to reduce costs and improve the quality of treatment.

The attending physician at the spinal medical centre provides personal follow-up for all our patients. This continuity in the treatment process is maintained during and after the period of hospitalisation until the very end of the course of treatment. The centre provides advice to patients so that they learn to hold their back correctly. For members of the medical centre, this close collaboration with established colleagues responsible for the well-being of the patients is of primordial importance.

Spine Medicine Centre
Reinacherstrasse 28
4142 Münchenstein
+41 61 335 26 62