In an emergency, we usually do not know the cause of the accident or your previous medical history. You can prepare yourself with the listed questions. You will also find out what to take with you in case of emergency.

 For an optimal clarification you can prepare yourself with the following questions:

  • What exactly happened?
  • What is the nature of the health problem?
  • Are there other diseases?
  • Have there been previous illnesses?
  • Are medicines being taken?
  • If so, which ones and in what dosage?
  • Are allergies present?

What should you take with you in case of emergency?

  • Official identification (identity card or passport)
  • Insurance card (health insurance card)
  • Blood group identification card (if available)
  • Medication (list of current medication)
  • Allergy passport, if available
  • Important medical documents, if not from the AndreasKlinik

Emergency telephone +41 41 784 01 44