For all emergency situations, your family doctor is responsible in the first place. He knows your medical history and decides whether further treatment in the clinic is necessary and when this should take place. If you cannot reach your doctor, a team of competent, dedicated specialists and anaesthetists as well as a motivated emergency care team are always at your side 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

You can rely on us in an emergency

Our infrastructure is equipped with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. Behind the emergency are more than 100 specialists from various medical fields in our centres and institutes ready to help you. We treat all patients, regardless of their insurance class.

How do I proceed?

Your family doctor is primarily responsible for all medical questions and consultations. He knows your medical history and can decide whether further diagnosis or treatment in hospital is necessary.

If you cannot reach your GP, you can call 0900 008 008 (CHF 3.23/ min.). This is the medical emergency service of the Canton of Zug.

In life-threatening emergencies, you will be connected directly to the emergency call centre via the emergency number 144. Depending on the nature of the emergency, an ambulance or helicopter will be organised for you via the emergency centre.

In emergencies, the emergency centre of the Andreas Clinic Cham Zug is also available to you at any time. It is open to all adults and adolescents aged 16 and over and for all insurance classes.

Should you need us, you can count on us.

What to do in emergency situations?

1. Call your family doctor. If he is not available, call 0900 008 008 (CHF 3.23/min.).


2. In life-threatening emergencies, call 144 and, if requested, you will be taken to the Andreas Clinic, if possible.


3. In emergencies, contact our emergency centre by telephone on +41 41 784 01 44 or come directly to us.