Colour ultrasound

The most up-to-date ultrasound machines (in colour) allow us to examine both the superficial and the deep venous system and to establish a precise diagnosis of the diseased parts of the veins, and all by means of a painless procedure without the use of radiation. Examining the vessels using this technique and measuring the blood flow gives us an indication of the seriousness of the disease. Once the diagnosis has been made, we can quickly decide whether a simple measure (such as wearing compression stockings) will be sufficient to prevent the spread of varicose veins and to relieve the symptoms or whether an operation is necessary.


Nowadays, the use of radiography contrast media (phlebography) is becoming rarer and rarer (exceptional cases). Collaboration between angiologists and surgeons ensures that the most suitable treatment will always be prescribed. At your request, we can call on other doctors whose opinion you would like to hear. Surgical operations are performed by our team of specialists.