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In the case of varicose veins, the earlier excess pressure in the veins is treated, the less the condition spreads and the easier it is to eliminate. However, if skin lesions have already appeared, the surgical operation will be more difficult. If the skin lesions have spread, the skin may only regenerate itself in very few cases and even then only after a successful operation. If not, it will be necessary to remove the diseased and superficial parts of the veins by surgery.

In the case of operations on varicose veins, the continued improvement of reliable surgical methods and the most up-to-date techniques now enable us to adopt procedures which are both extremely effective aesthetically speaking and harmless to the skin.

Laser therapy and sclerotherapy

In the event of a radiated spread, or spider veins, sclerotherapy or laser therapy can be used. Our phlebology centre offers these two alternative types of therapy.

Curative treatment

In the event of mild varicose veins or pain, surgical treatment is not necessary. The patient’s condition may be improved by taking medicine or wearing compression stockings. When venous thrombosis damages the deep veins in the leg, compression stockings or pressure pads should be worn.