The FOPH recommends that all persons with COVID-19 symptoms undergo a test. The Salem-Spital operates a COVID Fast Track. This is located opposite the emergency entrance.

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Online questionnaire

Please download the form "Questionnaire Covid-19" before the appointment, fill it out and send it to the test centre in advance by e-mail (

How can I get tested?

How can I get tested?
Opening hours

We want to offer you the best possible care and short waiting times. Therefore, we only perform corona smears by appointment. Appointments are only made online, Onedoc is therefore activated for 14 days in advance. Confirmation of the appointment will be sent by email, the questionnaire must be completed before the test/smear.The appointment includes a short evaluation and the smear test.


1. Fill in the registration form completely and send it to us by e-mail (

2. Book your desired appointment via our online booking tool. 

Who covers the costs?

Who covers the costs?

For persons with symptoms of the disease, the costs are borne by the Confederation (via health insurance, no deductible, no franchise). The typical symptoms of the disease can be found on the FOPH page COVID-19 disease, symptoms and treatment, origin of new coronavirus

For persons without symptoms of the disease, the federal government will cover the costs of the test if: 

  • the cantonal doctor has ordered the test. 
  • the person has received a notification of contact with a COVID-19 case through the SwissCovid app and is asymptomatic. The test should be carried out from the 5th day after the contact.  

In all other cases, the costs must be borne by the patient.
The costs for a PCR test without a doctor/patient consultation and including the laboratory invoice amount to CHF 133.50 and for a rapid test, also without a doctor/patient consultation, CHF 54.00. 
Foreign patients pay a flat rate of CHF 170 or CHF 80. 

What else do I have to consider?

Please download the form "Questionnaire Covid-19" before the appointment, fill it out and send it to the test centre by e-mail in advance.

Please have your health insurance card ready, because we need the insurance card number.

Disinfect your hands before entering and leave the mask on until the medical staff takes the swab.

All people with COVID-19 compatible symptoms should always be tested.

Smear tests for children

According to the FOPH guidelines, children under 6 years of age need an official or medical prescription for the test. Without such a document, no test will be carried out or it must be paid for by the child. Also, children under the age of 16 must be tested in the company of a parent. Further, our tests are done by nasopharyngeal swab (there are no spit tests or throat swab only tests). Therefore, we recommend contacting the paediatrician for children under 14 years of age. Further information can be found here.

Before the smear test, it is necessary to proactively clarify for yourself which test is needed for which country.

Covid certificate

Certificates are issued, which are sent by PDF or in paper form, for which a valid ID (ID or passport) must be presented.

Travel documents

Travel documents are also issued in English, for this you need to bring your passport.

Health insurance card number

When will I receive my test result?

You will receive the result of a rapid test within 2 hours. It will be sent to you by e-mail.

You will receive the result of a PCR test within 24 to 48 hours.

Behaviour after the test: After a Corona test, quarantine applies. This is valid until the test result is available or as ordered by the FOPH. Please stay at home until you have been symptom-free for 24 hours, even if the test result is negative. See the FOPH's quarantine instructions. In the event of a positive result, you must isolate yourself and will be contacted by us and by the cantonal medical office by telephone. See the FOPH's instructions on isolation.


Further information

Corona Hirslanden Healthline
• Opening hours: daily 24 hours
• At local tariffs

Opening hours test centre

Monday till Sunday
08.00 till 17.00

As of September 19, 2022:

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 08:00 to 13:00

Variations are possible. Inform yourself by checking the free dates on the homepage.