cfc Hirslanden, interdisciplinary center for facial reconstructive surgery, orbital surgery and neurosurgery.

Prof. Hammer, Dr. Rohner, Dr. Briner


Several organs of multifunctional importance are compactly assembled in the head and neck region. Consequently, cancer resections with adequate safety margins are often significantly debilitating and deeply affect the patient’s quality of life. Key functions such as speech and deglutition may be profoundly affected, as well as the external appearance of the patient. Therefore, complex primary or secondary reconstructive procedures are often necessary.

Proficient management of head and neck tumors requires an optimal coordination between several specialties such that all phases (diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow-up) are efficiently and timely organized. At our center, an interdisciplinary network of radiologists, oncologists, head and neck surgeons (maxillofacial and ear-nose throat surgeons) and radiotherapists ensures a synchronized, resourceful, state-of-the-art cancer treatment.

At cfc, the surgical team is highly experienced in both the resection and post-surgical reconstruction of head and neck tumors. In fact, cfc is a world renowned center for the management of these tumors. Besides performing state-of-the-art surgical techniques, our team is widely experienced in endoscopic surgery and microsurgery and takes advantage of recently incorporated technological adjuncts in surgery such as virtual planning and image-guided intraoperative navigation.