cfc Hirslanden, interdisciplinary center for facial reconstructive surgery, orbital surgery and neurosurgery.
Prof. Hammer, Dr. von Arx


Due to its particular complexity and high relevance not only in function but also in facial esthetics, orbital surgery has become a subspecialty of plastic and cranio-maxillofacial surgery. Its wide spectrum comprises not only the correction of congenital malpositioning of the orbital complex and post-traumatic deformities, but also the excision of orbital and skull base tumors and the management of thyroid eye disease. Such a wide spectrum often calls for an interdisciplinary approach that combines the knowledge and operative skills of the cranio-maxillofacial surgeon, neurosurgeon and ophthalmologist.

Typical techniques of orbital surgery include:

  • Management of orbital fractures, including blow-out fractures
  • Correction of late post-traumatic sequelae such as enopthalmos or dystopia
  • Correction of telecanthus
  • Treatment of orbital and skull base tumors
  • Orbital reconstruction after exenteration
  • Orbital decompression in thyroid eye disease (Graves’orbitopathy)
  • Eyelid surgery for the repair for ectropion, entropion or droopy eyelids

Prof. Hammer has a worldwide reputation in orbital and skull base surgery. He is member of the
AO faculty and has frequently been co-chairman of advanced courses focused on orbital surgery. His book «Orbital fractures: diagnosis, operative treatment, secondary corrections» (Hogreve & Huber, 1995) has found worldwide recognition. He is co-author of the chapter on late sequelae of cranial vault and skull base injuries of the internet-based AO surgery reference (

Dr. von Arx is a leading expert in management of Graves` orbitopathy. He is chairman of the interdisciplinary center for Graves`disease (, which is affiliated to the European EUGOGO.