Diseases of the cardiovascular system are a manifestation of our present age. Due to modern investigatory methods diseases such as angina pectoris and cardiac infarction can be detected early and treated better not only medically but also surgically. The Cardiac Centre of the Klinik Hirslanden not only possesses a modern infrastructure but also the pertinent specialists and their experience.

The Cardiac Centre performs all of the diagnostic workups and treatments. The treatment spectrum ranges from medicinal treatment to dilatations of the coronary vessels, implantation of vascular protheses, bypass operations after a cardiac infarction (or for its prevention) to surgical reconstruction and implantation of heart valves. More than 2000 diagnostic cardiac catherisations, approximately 800 percutaneous balloon dilatations and about 800 open heart operations are performed annually.

Website of the Hirslanden Cardiac Centre Zurich (German only).

Cardiac Centre Hirslanden Zurich
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