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The Hirslanden Healthline advises you by telephone on any medical issues you may have and provides support based on your individual needs.

Your health is very important to us. The Hirslanden Healthline service enables you to find quick and uncomplicated answers to any questions you may have in relation to your health. We have direct access to the largest network of doctors in Switzerland to arrange a medical consultation or treatment referral. We will work with you to find a suitable Hirslanden specialist in your area to deal with your request.


Any time, any place

Quick and straightforward: Medical advice over the phone to answer all your health-related questions, any time, any place.

Access to the Hirslanden network

Helping you to find a doctor: We recommend and appoint specialists from the Hirslanden network.

Contact point for all your questions

Your request is important to us – We will answer all your questions relating to the Hirslanden Group.

Opening times24 hours a day*
RateLocal landline rates
LanguagesGerman, French, Italian, and English

*Healthcare advice provided by professionals weekdays from 08.00 – 20.00 hrs, weekends and public holidays from 09.00 – 17.00 hrs.

Call 144 in case of emergency.

Overview of our services


Quick and straightforward: We answer all your medical questions

Do you have questions on particular symptoms or do you need medical advice? Do you need help to arrange an appointment? We advise on all matters relating to your health.


Access to the largest network of doctors in Switzerland

If required, the Hirslanden Healthline can recommend a suitable specialist for a medical consultation or a second opinion.



Information about Hirslanden services

With a total of 17 clinics, the Hirslanden Group is the largest medical network in Switzerland. We are happy to answer any questions you may have on our services.


By your side when you travel

The Hirslanden Healthline can also provide medical advice when you are travelling. We can arrange a teleconsultation either by telephone or video conference with a Hirslanden specialist on request and depending on availability. Medical consultations are generally covered as part of your compulsory health insurance.

Exclusive services for members

You will benefit from the following additional services if you have a Hirslanden Healthline membership. Anyone who is resident in Switzerland and has semi-private or private supplementary insurance can register for membership, which includes repatriation insurance with assistance and return transport from abroad, for the special price of CHF 35.00 per person per year.

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We can arrange an appointment for you

Get a doctor's appointment quickly: We will find a suitable Hirslanden specialist in your area to deal with your specific case and arrange an appointment within a few days.

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Second opinion

We can arrange for you to get a second opinion from one of our Hirslanden specialists. Depending on your needs, the consultation will be in person and will be organised for you within a few days.


Home-care services or shopping assistance

Working in close cooperation with our partners, we also offer high-quality services prior to or after a hospital stay. Contact us if you require additional services, such as a health resort stay, aids or housekeeping assistance.

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Insured in the event of illness or accident abroad

Hirslanden Healthline members can avail of repatriation insurance: If something unexpected happens to you while abroad, if you fall ill or have an accident, our case managers will help you to organise your trip home or to the nearest Hirslanden hospital. The General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GTCI) apply in this case.

Contact the Hirslanden Healthline

The Hirslanden Healthline is an exclusive service provided by the Hirslanden Group in conjunction with the Health & Care Management department of Europ Assistance in Uster.

The Hirslanden Healthline team is made up of medical experts with many years of professional experience. The Healthline’s operational unit, the Health & Care Management Team of Europ Assistance, is based in Uster.