The Endo Clinic Zurich is the competence centre for artificial joint care of the hips, knee, shoulder and elbow. The use of modern, proven implants guarantees a high degree of reliability during the operation, combined with outstanding long-term outcomes.

Minimally invasive operating techniques make possible gentle handling of muscle and soft tissues. The rehabilitation period is thus shortened and the restoration of joint function occurs more rapidly. The application of the latest technical devices in the form of a navigation and robotic system has proven itself, primarily with knee but also with artificial hip joint replacement operations and are routinely employed. Besides the classic orthopaedic operations for joint and tendon ailments we perform arthroscopic procedures regularly, especially on the knee and shoulder joints. Consequently the expense and the risks are kept to a minimum.

Our goal is: restoration of pain-free joint mobility, ambulation and stamina to improve the quality of life and to prevent dependencies.

Endoclinic Zurich
Witellikerstrasse 40
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