The Foot Centre constitutes a diagnostic and therapeutic entity. The diagnostic workup involves the diagnostic investigation of diseases, injuries and injury sequelae of the ankle and foot, often as an interdisciplinary collaboration.

The operative therapy includes, on the one hand, surgery for hallux valgus and other surgery on the forefoot but also, on the other hand, the elimination of painful conditions, malpositions or instability of the hindfoot. For the upper ankle and the first metatarsophalangeal joint, besides reconstructive measures involving cartilage, artificial joints are also used in reinforcing operations, balancing the pros and cons of the indications. Complex tendon procedures and corrections of bone position serve to restore form and function of the foot.

Pain and functional disorders due to nerve entrapments of the hind- and forefoot are treated operatively through exposure and release of the nerves in question. In cases in which operative treatment is not yet necessary or no longer necessary, the appropriate orthopaedic and technical measures are carried out.

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