Sleep disorders and daytime sleepiness are among the most common causes of a diminished quality of life and performance capability. At the Centre for Sleep Medicine all disorders of sleep and wakefulness as well as all disorders and phenomena that occur during sleep (snoring, sleepwalking, waking up with nightmares, fear of suffocation, etc.) are diagnosed according to the latest findings in sleep research and an effective therapy introduced. During Sleep Centre surgery hours great importance is attached to individual counselling for healthy sleep behaviour.

Sleep medicine, also called somnology, is a medical discipline that is scarcely yet represented in Switzerland but is one that has been practised and taught in the USA for more than twenty years. The Hirslanden Centre for Sleep Medicine is under the direction of the first US certified somnologist in Switzerland as well as physicians in pneumology and works closely together with several consulting physicians from related disciplines. It is committed to the multidisciplinary concept of sleep medicine and places optimisation of the quality of sleep and wakefulness at the centre of its therapeutic endeavours.

Hirslanden Sleep Medicine Centre
Forchstrasse 420
8702 Zollikon
+41 43 499 52 10