The Sport Clinic Zurich is the centre for highly specialised surgery and rehabilitation of the locomotor system. The goal of the Sport Clinic Zurich is the maintenance of pain free mobility and performance for young and old as well as a high quality of life during work and leisure, for popular and professional sports.

With the sports medicine centre of the Sport Clinic Zurich we have dedicated ourselves to the idea of offering people who are active in sports, but also those who intend to become active or who simply want to take it easy, everything in terms of competent medical care and advice that an athlete could wish for or need.

The spectrum of operations includes three segments: First, there is joint and sport surgery with an emphasis on arthroscopy of the large joints (knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle).

The second important specialty is the care of recent sports injuries such as ligament ruptures, joint luxations (dislocations), fractures, etc.

The third segment includes the surgical treatment of overload injuries of the joints, tendons and muscles as well as cartilage replacement, cartilage transplantation and joint replacement operations for arthroses.

SportClinic Zurich
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