At the Hirslanden Trauma Centre highly specialised surgeons concentrate on dedicating themselves to the care of accident and sports injuries. They work closely together with our hand surgeons and specialists in plastic, restorative and aesthetic surgery.

Fractures of bones and joints, ligament tears, tendon, nerve and/or muscle injuries can be restored with the most modern procedures. During the care of fractures the latest titanium implants are used, such as screws and plates as well as intramedullary screw systems, which are introduced in part in a minimally invasive manner.

In the joint trauma (sports surgery) area, e.g., for cruciate ligament tears, meniscus injuries, cartilage damage, shoulder instabilities or rotator cuff tears, the most up-to-date reconstruction procedures are employed, either in a minimally invasive manner under video-optical monitoring or as an open operation.

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