The FOPH recommends that all persons with COVID-19 symptoms undergo a test. Klinik Permanence runs a COVID test centre. It is located right next to the hospital.

How can I get tested?

Opening hours

The test centre at Klinik Permanence is open Monday to Friday from 13:00 - 16:00. The test centre is closed on Saturday and Sunday.


Registration form

Please bring the completed registration form with you or send it in advance to


You can drop in for a test without an appointment. This may result in longer waiting times. When you arrive at the Permanence Clinic, follow the path to the test centre (please do not enter the clinic). Patients from outside the canton can also be tested in our test centre.

Insurance card

Insurance card

Can I test my children?

According to the FOPH guidelines, children under 6 years of age need an official or medical prescription for the test. Without such a document, no test will be carried out or it must be paid for by the child. Also, children under the age of 16 must be tested in the company of a parent.

Further, our tests are done by nasopharyngeal swab (there are no spit tests or throat swab only tests). Therefore, we recommend contacting the paediatrician for children under 14 years of age.

When and how will I receive my test result?

PCR test

You will receive the test result of the PCR test within 2-3 working days by e-mail and positive results by telephone.

Rapid test

You will receive positive test results of the rapid test within 2 hours by telephone and negative results within 1 working day by telephone or e-mail. 


What do I do after I have taken the test?

After a corona test, quarantine applies. This is valid until the test result is available or as ordered by the FOPH. Please stay at home until you have been symptom-free for 24 hours, even if the test result is negative. See the FOPH's instructions on quarantine.

In the event of a positive result, you must isolate yourself and will be contacted by us and by the cantonal medical office by telephone. See the FOPH's instructions on isolation

Travel clarifications

Benötigen Sie für eine Auslandreise einen PCR- oder Schnelltest? Dürfen Sie sich gerne direkt in unserem Testzelt mit einem ausgefüllten Anmeldeformular vorstellen.

Do you need a Fit-To-Fly certificate for a trip abroad? You are welcome to come and see us about this.


  • Please call +41 31 990 41 11 to arrange an appointment. Important: Please tell us that this involves Fit-To-Fly travel certification.
  • Please bring the relevant Fit-To-Fly form with you.
  • The PCR COVID-19 test and a medical examination will be carried out at your appointment.
  • As soon as the test result is available, we will send you the COVID-19-free certificate and the test result by e-mail.

The costs will be charged to you, which are as follows:
Rapid test: CHF 80.-
PCR test: CHF 170.-
Fit-to-Fly: CHF 270.-

Further informations

Opening hours of test centre

Monday – Friday: 13:00 - 16:00
Saturday & Sunday: closed

If you have further questions, the website of the Federal Office of Public Health will help you: or call the FOPH hotline 058 463 00 00 or the Hirslanden hotline 0848 333 999.