Social counselling
In some situations, ensuring the smooth discharge of patients can be a very complex process as it demands special expertise to facilitate and precisely coordinate the many interfaces.

  • Organising rehabilitation treatment (only possible if prescribed by a doctor), treatment at a spa, acute care or transitional care
  • Enquiring about confirmation of coverage for rehabilitation treatment or for a contribution to treatment at a spa
  • Searching for a retirement or nursing home

Social Services can be reached at Klinik Permanence on Monday and Thursday mornings. You can also call us on T + 4131 990 45 25 or send an e-mail to

Nutritional counselling
Individual support and advice are needed if you wish to achieve your objectives. Learn to permanently change your eating habits with the help of a nutritional advisor. If nutritional counselling has been prescribed by a doctor, the basic insurance will cover the cost. Further information about nutritional counselling is available here.

Diabetes counselling
Diabetes counselling equips you to cope safely and independently with your diabetes condition and therapy. It will be easier to master the everyday challenges and to cope with exceptional situations. If diabetes counselling has been prescribed by a doctor, the basic insurance will cover the cost. Further information about diabetes counselling is available here.

Pastoral care
Illnesses and hospital stays are decisive events in your life which often provide an opportunity for pause and reflection. We offer all patients and their relatives, irrespective of their religion, beliefs and ideology, access to pastoral care services. You can also ask your nurse to make an appointment for you with pastoral care services.


Physiotherapy is an important step on the road to recovery and rehabilitation after illness or injury. In this area, Klinik Permanence works together with the Institute for Physiotherapy at the Bern Sports Medicine Centre. It attaches importance to specialist skills and personal relationships with patients.

The Institute specialises in the treatment of acute and chronic disease patterns in sports medicine as well as rehabilitation and training therapy. For inpatients, physiotherapy treatment as part of the rapid recovery concept is provided after hip and knee replacement surgery. The physiotherapists treat the patients twice a day.

Radial shockwave therapy and isokinetic strength training, including specific strength testing are of central importance. Other focal areas include specific treatment techniques such as manual therapy, osteophathy, myofascial techniques, trigger point therapy, dry needling, taping and meditaping and lymphological treatment, all of which are provided with great care and expertise.

The motivated physiotherapists are very professional and work in accordance with the latest findings and developments in their field, thus providing effective support to patients in maintaining or recovering their health.