Attending family doctors or medical staff are often the first to suspect/determine that their patient may have breast cancer. Therefore, it is extremely important to us that patients can be referred to us quickly and efficiently.

Information for referrers

Expert, efficient cooperation is our highest priority. You can refer your patients to the Bern Biel Breast Centre at any stage.
Please provide us with all the patient's previous findings when you register. Information about previous breast surgery, older mammograms or breast ultrasound examinations, as well as information about previous or currently existing diseases are useful.

After completing treatment at the Breast Centre, follow-up care and further care will be provided by the resident doctor. Upon request, this can also take place entirely or in part at the Breast Centre.

Referral of patients

Please register your patients by email, by phone on +41 31 337 89 70.
If you have any questions, please call us.