Gynaecology focuses on your very particular health situation. Your gynaecologist will take care of you in the practice, where preventive examinations are carried out or planned and your health problems are treated. Our doctors attach particular importance to answering all of your questions.

For special examinations, the latest diagnostic devices are available at Salem-Spital. In addition to classic operations, our specialist teams offer the most innovative procedures. Here, too, we are at the cutting edge

When your bladder leaks
Urinary incontinence as well as repeated infections and other bladder problems can make life that much more difficult. This does not have to be the case – all the more so as there are low-stress examinations and treatments available today. If you are affected or know someone, we encourage you to talk to your doctor about it.

Dedicated and specially trained physiotherapists will guide you through effective pelvic floor exercises. The treatment is supported with methods like electrostimulation and biofeedback.

If surgery is necessary, you will find an experienced team of specialists who use the latest techniques both for prolapses and for bladder weakness. In addition to standard operations, the spectrum includes all common bladder ligament techniques and pelvic floor reconstruction techniques.

And suddenly you notice a lump

Breast problems do not always mean “the worst”. Your doctor can allay your fears in the practice or initiate the necessary examinations. In addition to palpation, we use mammograms, ultrasound and, in special cases, MRI. If the cause remains unclear, we perform either fine needle aspiration or a biopsy under a local anaesthetic.

If surgery becomes necessary, close cooperation between the medical specialist and other specialists (X-ray specialists, nuclear medicine specialists, pathologists, plastic surgeons) is important.

This means that breast removal can often be avoided and a breast-conserving procedure performed. Knowledge of whether the lymph nodes in the armpit are affected is crucial for further treatment. Experienced specialists at Salem-Spital perform the sentinel lymph node technique, which usually prevents a major operation in the armpit and its possible complications (lymphoedema).

Every case of malignant breast disease is discussed at our interdisciplinary tumour board for optimal treatment. Oncologists, radiation therapists, pathologists, gynaecologists and the attending doctor strive to achieve holistic tumour follow-up care.

Pain often indicates a problem. It is a symptom that needs clarification. The cause for abdominal pain, in particular, is often difficult to determine. If abdominal conditions such as endometriosis, adhesions, cysts or fibroids, but also malignant ulcers, cause pain, an accurate medical history, examination and ultrasound clarification opens up the possibility of a promising laparoscopy. Our experienced surgeons can often find the cause of the pain and perform a laparoscopic treatment by loosening adhesions, removing tumours or laser. Only a short healing and recovery period is necessary due to the small skin incisions (keyhole technique, minimally invasive method).

Bleeding disorders, myomas, cysts and…
If less dramatic conditions that nevertheless still require treatment bring you to the hospital, it is important for you to benefit from the achievements of continuous medical advancement. The invasiveness of most surgical techniques (hysterectomy, myoma and cyst removal, uterine endoscopies and curettage) has decreased in recent years due to new findings and new technology. Better success, less pain and a faster recovery times are the result. Our doctors and the infrastructure we offer are up to date and bring you decisive benefits for your treatment.