The treatment of conditions and injuries affecting the shoulder joint is one of the specialties of the Bern Orthopaedics Centre at Salem-Spital. Together, our shoulder specialists cover a very wide range of shoulder surgery.

Pain in and around the shoulders often occurs at night. The causes vary widely: Overloading and malfunction of the shoulder girdle, tendon tears, calcifications and osteoarthritis in the shoulder joint or in the acromioclavicular joint. The pain can radiate towards the upper arm down to the hand or also towards the neck up to the head. Migraine-type headaches can also occur. Night-time thus becomes a nightmare.

A timely, specialist examination and consultation is crucial for successful treatment. Treatment can be non-surgical with medication and physiotherapy, or surgical.

The aim of treatment is tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient. In addition to pain relief, the focus, especially for younger people, lies on a complete restoration of the shoulder function at work and during sports. In elderly patients, a shoulder joint that is pain-free during daily activities may take priority.


Range of treatments

  • Arthroscopic procedures for impingement syndrome, tendon ruptures, instability, pain of the acromioclavicular joint
  • Open procedures for tendon rupture, instability and osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder joint prosthesis for osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder joint prosthesis in the case of a non-repairable tendon rupture in old age
  • Care of fractures in the shoulder and upper arm area
  • Treatment of shoulder stiffness
  • Treatment of infections
  • Infiltrations under fluoroscopic imaging

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