Social counselling
In some situations, ensuring the smooth discharge of patients can be a very complex process as it demands special expertise to facilitate and precisely coordinate the many interfaces.

  • Organising rehabilitation treatment (only possible if prescribed by a doctor), treatment at a spa, acute or transitional care, or a contribution to treatment at a spa;
  • Searching for a retirement or nursing home. Please talk to your nurse if you have any questions.

The physiotherapy department at Salem-Spital offers a diverse range of treatments. The aim is to alleviate pain, restore function, improve independence, inform about risk situations and return to the desired level of resilience. Patients and their needs are assessed holistically and are advised and treated accordingly. This contributes to a positive recovery process and improves their quality of life. You can reach the Physiotherapy Secretariat on T +41 31 337 69 50 or by e-mail at

Nutritional counselling
Disease-related dietary restrictions can contribute to poor nutrition or malnutrition. This often reduces patients' quality of life and can have a negative impact on disease progression. Measures to ensure a needs-based diet are formulated, taking into account the patient's nutritional status, medical situation and personal needs. These measures are agreed with the attending doctor and the nursing team and are regularly assessed. We use practical examples to help you put together your meals in hospital and at home. Our recommendations are based on the latest scientific findings. Further information about nutritional counselling is available here.

Diabetes counselling
Diabetes counselling equips you to cope safely and independently with your diabetes condition and therapy. It will be easier to master the everyday challenges and to cope with exceptional situations. If diabetes counselling has been prescribed by a doctor, the basic insurance will cover the cost. Further information about diabetes counselling is available here.

Wound care outpatient clinic
The wound care outpatient clinic specialises in treating acute, chronic and poorly healing wounds. Appointments are arranged by your doctor.

Stoma advice
Our stoma advisors support patients with colostomy and urostomy bags (artificial anus and bladder). Appointments are arranged by your doctor.

Salem Pharmacy
Our own in-house pharmacy, which is open to the public, is located right at the main entrance of Salem-Spital. An expert team of trained pharmacy assistants and qualified pharmacists is available to provide you with individual, expert and neutral advice.