Many pregnant women are excited about having a baby. But the nine months can also be filled with problems and worries. At AndreasKlinik Cham Zug, we offer a variety of courses, treatments and consultations even before you give birth. We work with you to ensure you feel safe and in good hands.

Info night for parents-to-be

At our information evening, we offer you the opportunity to get to know our team and gain some insight into the maternity unit and the postnatal unit. We want to give you the opportunity to  get to know us and the facilities at AndreasKlinik Cham Zug. The information evening is conducted either as an online event or in the presentation room at our hospital. Please register online via the registration form. If the information evening takes place on-site, we give you a tour of our maternity and postnatal units. The information evening for expectant parents is held in German.

Personal tour

We are also happy to show you our rooms as part of a personal tour. Please ring +41 41 784 03 40 to schedule an individual appointment. You can also explore our rooms during a virtual tour.

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Documents for certification

You will receive an information form from the Cham Civil Registry Office for the certification of your baby's birth along with the admission documentation. Please make sure that you have the required documentation with you when you are admitted. The Cham Civil Registry Office provides detailed information about the necessary documents and regulations so that the birth can be registered correctly.

Overview of our offers

We prepare parents-to-be for the birth of their baby with our courses, therapies and consultations. We are here to help you with the following courses and treatments. Please note that we do not conduct all courses and treatments in English.

Antenatal course

Prepare well for the birth of your baby with our help

In our antenatal courses, we help you mentally and physically prepare for the pending delivery and allay any potential fears and concerns. We tell you about the various delivery methods, potential challenges during the postnatal period, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, among other things. We also introduce you to breathing and relaxation exercises that are useful in the event of a natural birth. If the situation allows, we will take a tour of the delivery room. 

Baby care course

Information and tips to better understand your baby’s needs

Here at AndreasKlinik Cham Zug, you have the opportunity to attend an baby care course on Saturdays. During the course, you will learn how to better understand your child’s needs and react appropriately. The focus is on topics like the baby’s sleeping and waking phases, infant care basics, help with breastfeeding, ways to calm the baby and tips on basic baby equipment. The course is for parents-to-be from the 4th month of pregnancy and is conducted in German. 

Courses for support persons

We prepare your relatives to care for the baby

We also support your relatives as they learn about their new role with courses for support persons like grandparents, godparents or nannies. Please register early as the number of attendees is limited. Please register via the registration form or by phone on +41 784 07 84.

Personal midwife consultation

Our midwives are already available to advise you during your pregnancy

During the midwife consultation, our experienced midwives will talk to you about your expectations and fears with regard to your pending delivery. You will get to know the birthing rooms, the postnatal unit and our philosophy on an individual tour. On this occasion, you can make initial contact with our multilingual midwives. Upon request, we will organise one of our freelance, outpatient midwives to assist you at home during the postnatal period. We recommend attending the midwife consultation from the 36th week of pregnancy. Our midwives look forward to your call +41 41 784 03 41.

Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Alleviate pregnancy discomfort and prepare your body to give birth

Our midwives, who are trained in alternative medicine, offer antenatal acupuncture during the midwife consultations. This type of acupuncture treatment is designed to prepare and strengthen mothers-to-be for childbirth, the postnatal period and the nursing period. It can also be used to reduce pregnancy discomfort. We will gladly provide you with information by phone: +41 41 784 03 41. Upon request, our midwives will support you with another traditional Chinese healing technique, Moxibustion. Moxibustion, also called warm needling, is a type of traditional Chinese medicine. Reaction zones in the body are heated by indirectly applying burning mugwort. This way, babies in the breech position can be turned and the therapy helps to induce labour at the right time.

Antenatal breastfeeding counselling and colostrum production

Assistance with breastfeeding and colostrum production for pregnant women with diabetes

We welcome pregnant women who want to breastfeed their child to our outpatient breastfeeding counselling before they give birth. During the preliminary meeting, we will address any questions and concerns to help you have the best possible start with breastfeeding. One special service that we offer is support with the antenatal production of colostrum (milk); two of our breastfeeding counsellors are experts in this area. Colostrum production is important for women with gestational diabetes. We help affected women stimulate breast milk production before they give birth. Consultations are scheduled by phone. Please contact us by phone on +41 41 784 03 28. Please rest assured that our breastfeeding counsellors are also available during your stay at hospital.