The first few hours and days after the birth are fulfilling and exciting. At the same time, you may be exhausted from the delivery and very emotional and shaken. It is completely normal to feel uncertain about how to handle an infant. We offer you support and advice during this intense and somewhat challenging time.

Recovery and care in the postnatal unit

A few hours after delivery, you will be moved to your bed in the postnatal unit, where your care will continue seamlessly with our healthcare professionals and a midwife. With our rooming-in system, your newborn will be in the room with you. You can also give your baby to our healthcare professionals for a few hours at any time so you can rest. In our post-natal ward, we give you enough time for your body to recover and for you to settle in with your baby. You will be supported by our team, which will answer any questions or uncertainties you might have.

Our cosily furnished rooms with a hotel-style atmosphere provide a safe, relaxing atmosphere. AndreasKlinik Cham Zug offers top-quality, healthy cuisine which is tailored to the needs of new mothers.

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Offers for the post-natal period and for the first days at home

The AndreasKlinik Cham Zug is characterised by first-class care, a modern infrastructure and a diverse range of services. You benefit from an experienced team of doctors, midwives and nurses. In addition, we offer post-natal gymnastics and pelvic floor training as well as outpatient offers for the first days at home with your baby.

Breast or bottle

We are here to help

The infant is usually placed on the mother's chest shortly after delivery to stimulate milk production. But do not be discouraged if it does not work right away: Breastfeeding a newborn usually takes patience and practice. Our two certified breastfeeding counsellors will show you a few breastfeeding positions and tricks that also help. If you cannot or do not want to breastfeed your child, that is ok, too. Your baby will be just fine either way. We support you with weaning and bottle feeding.

Introduction to infant care

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We provide you with comprehensive support for your baby’s well-being

You will enjoy personalised, holistic care in the postnatal unit. Our healthcare professionals and midwives are guided by your needs and wishes and will support you in your new daily routine. As part of your care in the postnatal unit, we provide you with an introduction to infant care and are available to answer any  questions. We change and wash your baby together and show you everything you need to know about personal hygiene. 

Daily visit from our team of doctors

Doctor visits for you and your baby

Your gynaecologist will visit you every day to ensure your well-bring. Doctors' visits do not take place at fixed times; rather, they will be arranged at short notice by your gynaecologist. Your baby will be examined by a paediatrician during the first two days after the delivery; and beyond that as well if needed. A hip ultrasound will be performed and, upon request, a hearing test to treat any potential hearing problems early on and test your child's subsequent language development capabilities. 

Personal follow-up discussion

Follow-up after the birth

The birth experience can have an impact on the general well-being of the young family, the developing parent-child relationship, and future births. There are many changes associated with pregnancy, childbirth, and the transition to parenthood. With the offer of a follow-up discussion after the birth, we would like to give you space for your birth experience and offer you to put it into words while talking to us about the birth you experienced. If you feel like you need to speak to a midwife in person, you can contact us at any time on +41 41 784 03 40 or by email to make an appointment.

Professional photo shoot and baby gallery

Capture your unique moments

We will gladly organise a professional photo shoot for you. For the professional photo shoot we work together with BabyCute. The photo shoot will provide you with a record of your first moments with your newborn. Upon request and with your consent, we will put a photo of your baby in our Baby gallery.

Outpatient breastfeeding counselling

We offer breastfeeding counselling at home

Our breastfeeding counsellors are also at your service after your stay at the hospital as part of the Outpatient breastfeeding counselling. Please call +41 41 784 03 28 to make an appointment.

Outpatient post-natal care

Our midwives will support you and your baby at home

Initial uncertainties during the first few days and weeks at home are generally the norm and not the exception. We will be there for you when you need us and will answer your questions. Contact your midwife, your doctor or our healthcare professionals. In addition, freelance midwives offer outpatient postnatal care. The midwife will visit you and your baby, monitor their development and support you if you have any physical, mental or social challenges.

Postnatal gymnastics and pelvic floor training

Prevent complications with postnatal gymnastics and pelvic floor training

The pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are strained by pregnancy and childbirth. Postnatal gymnastics with pelvic floor training prevents complications like incontinence or uterine, bladder and rectal shrinkage. These exercises are also highly recommended after a Caesarean section. We recommend starting gymnastics, at the earliest, in the 7th week after a vaginal delivery and the 10th week after a Caesarean section. Postnatal gymnastics and pelvic floor training are conducted by the midwifery practice Thuja. Contact us by phone on +41 41 448 31 43.