Pregnancy is the start of an exciting period. There is a lot to prepare for before the delivery date. Among other things, questions regarding insurance and any potential upgrades need to be clarified. Every woman is welcome at AndreasKlinik Cham Zug, regardless of her insurance class. Upon request, you have the opportunity to upgrade to benefit from additional services.

We offer benefits packages tailored to your needs

AndreasKlinik Cham Zug offers mothers-to-be with semi-private or private insurance different service packages that are tailored to their needs. Patients with private insurance automatically enjoy the exclusive additional benefits offered by Hirslanden Privé and other offers. This includes overnight stays with breakfast for a support person and a sibling. The visiting hours are also flexible for patients with private insurance in single rooms or family rooms. The benefits of Hirslanden Privé exceed those of private health insurance.

You have the option of benefiting from the additional services in the private ward without supplementary insurance. This requires an upgrade.

Upgrade costs
From basic to private insurance: CHF 3,100 flat rate
From semi-private to private insurance: CHF 2,600 flat rate

The costs apply to vaginal as well as caesarean deliveries. They also apply even if a longer recuperation period is necessary for medical reasons after the delivery. 

Do you have any questions or requests?

Your doctor and our employees at Patient Admissions will gladly provide you with comprehensive information about the benefits, conditions and costs of changing insurance. Contact us by phone on +41 41 784 09 70.

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Private insurance Semi-private insurance Basic insurance
Single room Yes Only with upgrade, availability not guaranteed Only with upgrade, availability not guaranteed
Parents‘ room (overnight stay including breakfast for the father) Yes Only with upgrade, availability not guaranteed Only with upgrade, availability not guaranteed
Family room (overnight stay including breakfast for the father and one sibling)


Visiting hours postnatal patients Flexible visiting hours Limited visiting hours Limited visiting hours


  Private insurance Semi-private insurance Basic insurance
Hirslanden Baby-Bag Yes  Yes No
Birth menu  / Dinner for two Yes, with beverage Yes, without beverage No
Professional baby photography Yes Yes Yes
Trial subscription to the WirEltern / Babymag magazine for 1 year Yes No No
Trial subscription to the WirEltern / Babymag magazine for 3 months Yes Yes No

Important information about your insurance cover

Prior to the delivery, there are a lot of insurance-related questions that need to be answered. We provide you with an overview with helpful topics regarding your cover and that of your baby.

Cost coverage

Full cost coverage during your pregnancy and in the postnatal unit

Your health insurance will cover all of the costs of the check-ups during your pregnancy, the delivery, in the postnatal unit, follow-up exams and breastfeeding counselling for you and your baby, without cost sharing. You do not pay the franchise or a deductible. The costs of the stay at hospital are also covered by your health insurance. 

Supplementary insurance

Take out supplementary insurance early on before you get pregnant

Supplementary insurance policies from your health insurance company cover additional services related to pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. Under certain circumstances, it may be a good idea for women who wish to conceive to decide whether they would like to take out supplementary insurance for the pregnancy and hospital stay. Depending on the health insurance company, additional antenatal tests, ultrasound examinations or antenatal or postnatal classes as well as postnatal gymnastics classes for the mother are covered. Depending on the supplementary insurance, room upgrades are also covered.

Please note that many insurances are subject to a waiting period. That means there is a waiting period of nine months or more. Therefore, you must take out supplementary insurance before t getting pregnant.. We recommend that you contact your insurance company in good time. 

Insurance for the baby

Take out insurance for your baby up to three months after the birth

As a parent-to-be, you have the option of registering your baby with a health insurance company before the birth. You must take out basic insurance for your child no later than three months after the birth.