The Hirslanden Lausanne Checkup Centre of the Clinique Bois-Cerf and its specialists work in an interdisciplinary manner and use the latest diagnostic and screening methods as well as a modern infrastructure. They offer comprehensive check-ups specifically adapted to your needs.

With the exception of some available specialized examinations, the entire program is carried out at the Clinique Bois-Cerf in Lausanne. For physical examinations, we have a sports medicine examination center equipped with various testing facilities. In a separate treatment room, you can have discussions with our team of doctors and sports consultants at your leisure.

The Clinique Bois-Cerf also offers a wide range of technical equipment to practice various physical activities under the supervision of fitness consultants and physiotherapists. Our wide range of gymnastics and aquagym classes, as well as customized training options, are available to anyone who wants to keep fit.

Hirslanden International Lausanne Check-Up

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Why should you have a preventive health check-up at Hirslanden?

Why should you have a preventive health check-up at Hirslanden?

  • The earlier health risks and potential illnesses are detected, the better they can be treated or even prevented
  • It is possible to evaluate the risk of cardiac illnesses, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes and cancer
  • Treatment by top specialists working in their area of specialty, on the basis of the latest medical findings
  • Appointments are made quickly, with short waiting times
  • Personally tailored check-up programmes
  • Transfer, interpreters and hotels are organised by a personal case manager

Personalised check-ups

Personalised check-ups

Your personal health assessment begins with a detailed interview with a specialist in general internal medicine. They discuss your personal health status. You will be talking directly to an experienced specialist doctor, who will ask you about any previous illnesses and risk factors (for example, high consumption of nicotine or alcohol and persistent stress).

In any event, the individual health assessment will include the following:

  • a physical examination
  • an abdominal ultrasound
  • a blood and urine test
  • an ECG

As soon as the results are available, the doctor will discuss them with you, with reference to your previous illnesses and medical history , and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. When the process is finished, you will be sent a summary medical report. If the health assessment indicates that further examinations are advisable, you will receive expert advice on the issue.

In addition to the individual health assessment we will be happy to provide evaluations for a particular specialty or organ (for example, gastroenterology).