The Ophthalmology Centre at the Clinique Bois-Cerf specialises in eye diseases. Doctors are trained in eye surgery and offer services such as cataract surgery, retinal surgery, cornea grafts, refractive surgery and aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

The centre is located in the 3rd floor of Clinique Bois-Cerf.  It specialises in the medical and surgical treatment of ocular pathologies.

Cataracts and refractive cataracts, glaucoma, corneal diseases (keratoconus and corneal grafts). Correction of vision defects: refractive surgery and specialised medical contactology.

Retinal diseases: medical retinal problems including AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and surgical retinal problems (including detachment of the retina and the retinal membranes).

Orbital and palpebral pathologies (including reconstructive and plastic eyelid surgery).

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Ophthalmology centre
Avenue d’Ouchy 31
1006 Lausanne
+41 21 619 63 26