As well as its equipment, the Institute for Radiotherapy Zurich also has a unique atmosphere. We seek to help patients feel as comfortable as possible during the stressful therapy phase, often lasting a number of weeks. Great importance is given to the modern, light architecture which creates a warm atmosphere.

Patients are welcomed at the central reception desk by a team of medical receptionists. The adjoining waiting room is one of the gems of the Institute. The furniture and lighting are reminiscent of a living room, where you can relax while reading the paper or admiring the beautiful fish in the large aquarium.

The therapy and preparation rooms are positioned in a ring around the waiting area. Here too, the friendly décor gives off a feeling of warmth. Instead of numerous confusing signs on the ceilings and walls, patients find their way around intuitively by means of light and shadow effects on the walls. In the treatment rooms, a warm and light atmosphere is again apparent. In the LINAC room, special light effects can be created if so desired by changing the colour of the light. And of course music is also available in these rooms. Stereo systems with CDs and different radio programmes are also available.