The Radiotherapy Institute uses state-of-the-art equipment from leading manufacturers

Linear Accelerator LINAC

The linear accelerator (LINAC) allows our specialists to perform “intensity-modulated radiotherapy”, a treatment technique which not only allows the individual radiation beams to be adjusted in relation to the size of the tumour, but also modulates the flow of photons during radiotherapy, thereby ensuring a more precise radiation dose while protecting the surrounding healthy tissue.

On-board imaging system

We are one of the first institutes in Switzerland to install an on-board imaging system (OBI). This system checks the exact position of the patient before and during therapy and monitors the reaction of the tumour during radiotherapy.

This system is a great step forward in terms of quality in the field of radiotherapy. More precise adjustments are possible, a more concentrated dose of radiation can be applied to the tumour and the surrounding healthy tissue can be better protected.

This means that the local healing probability can be increased even further. It also means that there should be fewer side effects.

In order to ensure that the newest, most advanced equipment can always be installed in the years to come, a research and development contract has been signed with the manufacturer for this OBI system, which, incidentally, has for the most part been developed by Baden-based VARIAN.

Computerised tomography (CT) scanner

A brand new computerised tomography scanner from General Electric, which has been specially developed for radiotherapy, has been installed for use in preparing and planning the radiation therapy. This 16-slice scanner provides 4-dimensional CT scans and distinguishes itself not only with state-of-the-art technology but also by means of an especially large tunnel diameter of 80 cm (compared to the conventional 65 cm), making complicated positioning of the patient possible.