Cham radiography institute

The Cham Radiography Institute, with its modern equipment, is a centre for imaging diagnostics that offers all the standard techniques and modalities. The services offered by the Cham Radiography Institute include not only conventional x-ray investigations, but also magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), multislice computer-assisted tomography (CT), and ultrasound. Thus all the investigative procedures that are needed for the range of treatment given at the OSZ are guaranteed.

The essential added value of the co-operation between the Cham Radiography Institute and the OSZ is based on the many years’ close collaboration between the medical specialists at the two centres. OSZ patients receive structured, interdisciplinary diagnostics and treatment.

This reduces duplication of services and costs – while, at the same time, increasing the quality of treatment.

Reha-Centre Cham

Another partner that has been integrated within the OSZ concept is the Reha-Centre Cham. The many years’ co-operation between the Reha-Centre and the Andreas Clinic offers our OSZ patients numerous benefits thanks to the physiotherapy and other forms of treatment which are agreed on in consultation with the medical specialists.

For example, these begin with preoperative instructions which are complemented straight after surgery by specific physiotherapeutic procedures. Thus long-term support for the recovery process is initiated without delay.

The content of our rehabilitation programmes is matched to the individual needs and wishes of our patients. Our aim is to ensure the best possible restoration of impaired physical function.

The range of services offered by the Reha-Centre Cham includes:

  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Pre- and postoperative rehabilitation
  • Taping and bandaging
  • Sports massage
  • Caring for teams
  • Cardio training
  • Personal training
  • Medical training therapy (MTT)
  • Fitness diagnostics
  • Lymph drainage
  • Manual therapy and classical relaxation massage


Medbase Zug

“Get well in healthy surroundings”

As a continuation of the interface management described above, the OSZ rounds off its range of services by its co-operation with medbase Zug.

Structured co-operation makes the most of the synergic potential in the fields of outpatient rehabilitation (including physiotherapy, specific medical training therapy, balneotherapy, biomechanical analyses, medical massage), sports medicine, and various forms of complementary medicine (including osteopathy and traditional Chinese medicine).

Thanks to the exclusive collaboration between medbase and the “Fitnesspark Eichstätte” in Zug, it is possible for OSZ patients to integrate the outstanding training and baths infrastructure at the fitness park in their rehabilitation programmes.

This holistic concept benefits the patients insofar as they can consult competent professional specialists in all three fields – fitness, medicine and rehabilitation.