You will soon be hospitalized at Clinique La Colline or are already hospitalized and you are wondering about the course of your stay.

Your hospitalization can be managed either on an outpatient or inpatient basis, depending on your doctor's decision.

Documents to present upon admission

  • The booking confirmation letter we sent you
  • An identity document (passport, identity card, family record book or residence permit for foreigners domiciled in Switzerland)
  • A certificate of insurance issued by your health insurance or the card attesting to your affiliation. If you are not affiliated with an insurance recognized by our institution, the amount indicated for financial deposit
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Clinique La Colline
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Stay in a stationary


The term inpatient means that you are hospitalized and spend at least one night at the Clinic.

Before your arrival

Our reservation service will send you various documents in advance that you will fill out and return to us to facilitate your admission and your stay. The data communicated are treated confidentially and allow us a personalized support.

In the days preceding your procedure, you will be invited to a preoperative visit allowing a first individual contact with your anaesthetist and an analysis of your general condition.

During your stay

Upon arrival at the Clinic, you will be received by a colleague from the admissions department who will ensure that all relevant data about you is up to date. You will also receive a file containing all the practical information.

Once the formalities are completed, you will be accompanied to your room. A nurse will take care of you and answer all your questions.

The different stages of your intervention will take place as follows:

  • Pre-anesthetic visit
  • Preparation and disinfection
  • Transfer to the operating room
  • Installation in anesthesia airlock
  • Anaesthesia
  • Transfer and installation in the operating room
  • Intervention
  • Transfer and monitoring in the recovery room
  • Possible transition to the postoperative care unit
  • Return to room

The nursing staff will be at your side and accompany you in every step of your hospitalization. Do not hesitate to send them any questions.

Advice and recommendations

We recommend that you bring:

  • Toiletries
  • Pyjamas or comfortable outfits
  • Comfortable, closed slippers and/or shoes for physiotherapy (e.g. basketball)
  • Personal treatments in their original boxes. For safety, we do not use pill dispensers.

Outpatient stay


The term outpatient refers to medical consultations, diagnostic examinations, emergency room visits and surgeries that allow you to return home the same day.

Before your arrival

Our reservation service will send you various documents in advance that you will fill out and return to us to facilitate your admission and your stay. The data communicated are treated confidentially and allow us a personalized support.

For optimal comfort and adapted to your needs during your outpatient stay, various hotel services are available. You will find all the necessary information about the "Comfort" and "Comfort +" options and their reservation in the digitized brochure on the right of this page.

During your stay

If you come for surgery with morning entry and exit the same day, you will be accompanied to your room, in the ambulatory surgery unit upon your arrival at the Clinic. The nursing staff will listen to your needs and explain the course of the intervention. Everything will be done so that you can approach the intervention or consultation serenely and confidently.


Your outing


Before you leave

Your return home or departure to another institute is decided in consultation with your doctor. Please inform your nurse who may have last-minute recommendations, medication, a doctor's prescription or x-rays to give you before you leave.

Your return home

When the surgeon or anaesthetist has confirmed that your discharge is possible, you can go home. When leaving the Clinic, we thank you for announcing it at the reception. 

We recommend that you bring someone to accompany you and do not drive. On request, the reception can schedule and/or book a taxi in anticipation of your outing.

A repatriation service can be set up by the clinic at your request and on the advice of your doctor.

The first night, remember not to stay alone, or to be able to warn a person in case of difficulty.

Rest and make sure to respect the care and treatments prescribed following your procedure.

Hospital costs

The invoice is sent directly to your insurer, whether for outpatient or inpatient hospitalization. You can, if you wish, request a copy of the invoices that concern you.

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Personal expenses

Telephone calls, extraordinary drinks taken in the room, in the restaurant or other expenses are billed separately, as they are not covered by your insurer. The invoice is sent directly to you by the clinic.

Medical fees

They are billed directly to you by the doctor and the anaesthetist.

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Payment methods

You have the possibility to pay the various expenses related to your stay with the payment methods below: 

  • Cash
  • Bank cards (Maestro, Postcard, EC-direct, Visa, Eurocard - Mastercard, American Express)
  • Cheques
  • Transfers