Quality is at the centre of everything we do

Within the Hirslanden Group, we share a common vision of excellence.

Everyday quality

Quality indicators are put in place through a series of measures such as internal audits, satisfaction surveys, feedback analyses and testimonials. We are constantly updating our organisation and procedures so that the hospitality and services offered meet your expectations.

Quality over time

The services we provide should meet the latest international quality of care standards and we are committed to national initiatives aimed at improving quality. Continuing improvement at the centre of the Hirslanden Group and its staff's core values.

Particularly attentive to issues relating to the prevention of infections, we give this area significant attention within our quality policy.

Quality through transparency

In order to keep our patients up to date, we publish the major indicators provided by the the National Association for the Development of Quality in Hospitals and Clinics (ANQ) and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in graphic format for ease of reference. These can be found under "Indicators", or by clicking on this link.

ISO 9001: 2015

Such recognition by an SQS standard-setting institution is a guarantee of our organisation's dedication to quality and excellence, and the services we provide each day for our patients, clients and partners.

Indeed, this approach to quality is an integral part of the day-to-day routine of our employees, without whom this could not have been achieved. All of the Hirslanden Group hospitals are ISO9001 certified. Hirslanden Clinique la Colline is the second clinic in the Hirslanden Group to fulfil the requirements of the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

As part of a continuous quality improvement process, the teams routinely adopted the measures identified during the auditors' visit before the subsequent external audit in summer 2017.

By this certification, Clinique La Colline proves its commitment to the safety and satisfaction of its patients and clients, while promoting the endeavours of each member of staff.


Hygiene at Clinique La Colline

Preventing infection associated with care is paramount to the safety and health of all patients. That is why adhering to high standards of hygiene is part of our strategic vision of quality.

In particular, clinical hygiene is reflected in setting standards for monitoring hospital-acquired infections. That is why we have been using national and international monitoring tools such as Swissnoso and KISS for many years and are investing in various awareness campaigns.

Hand hygiene campaign

Washing your hands properly helps prevent a large number of infections.

By improving hand hygiene, 17,000 infections were avoided and CHF 60 million saved (no lengthy hospital stays), over one year in Switzerland (initiative launched by Swissnoso with outpatient services in 116 hospitals).

How do we limit these infections ?

  • Annual awareness campaign
  • Reminds health workers of the importance of disinfection and hand washing
  • Regular monitoring all year long

Flu campaign

In Switzerland, between 1,000 and 5,000 people are hospitalised because of the flu each year. Health workers working in hospitals are likely to transmit the disease to more fragile patients (the elderly, infants, people with chronic diseases and pregnant women) for whom the flu can be fatal.

What is the point of being vaccinated ?

According to the FOSH, vaccinations are the most effective way to avoid getting the flu. It reduces this risk from 70 to 90% in adults, protecting not only the vaccinated person but also his or her surroundings.

We provide visitors, masks and disinfectant in communal areas to avoid any transmission of diseases.

Quality indicators

We publish quality indicators which are assessed by the ANQ and the FOPH. Represented in the form of computer graphics, these figures allow you to form an opinion on the operations, infections and accidents in hospitals. The comparison dates from 2012 to 2015.

Why are there no more recent computer graphics ?

These are the most recent figures made available by the two organisations mentioned above. The new numbers will be updated as soon as they are available.