Pflege Klinik Beau-Site

Klinik Beau-Site has 55 modern private and semi-private rooms as well as three triple rooms. They are light and pleasantly furnished, and offer a comfortable atmosphere in which you will feel completely at ease.

Our single and twin rooms for patients with private and semi-private insurance are equipped with a toilet and a shower. Triple rooms with a shower and a toilet are available for patients with basic insurance. The bed can be adjusted electronically (overall height, height of the head and foot sections) and also extended, if necessary. We also provide you with towels. Upon request, you will receive a hairdryer on the ward. A bathrobe and slippers are provided in the cupboard for patients with private insurance.

The television in your room offers a wide selection of radio and TV programmes. Out of respect for your fellow patients, please make sure your radio and TV do not exceed room noise level. You will receive headphones upon admission.

Upon admission you will be assigned a direct dial number to the telephone in your room and you will receive a phone card. This means that you can be reached from 7:00 to 21:30 via the direct dial number of your room. Between 21:30 and 7:00, all incoming calls are taken by the hospital switchboard. Mobile phones are not allowed in certain areas. Please follow the signs.

In the hospital, all patients have a free Internet connection (Wi-Fi). On request, we provide privately insured patients with an iPad.

We will deliver all letters, faxes, parcels and flowers to your room as quickly as possible. E-mails sent to the hospital or addressed to you will be forwarded to you. You can leave your own mail with your nurse or at reception.

Patients with semi-private and private insurance can choose between "Der Bund" and "Berner Zeitung" free of charge. On Sunday you will receive the "Sonntags-Zeitung". If you have private insurance and would like another newspaper, please contact the Guest Relations team.

Our housekeeping staff will be glad to take care of your cut flowers (for patients with private and semi-private insurance). Potted plants and flower arrangements are not permitted in the hospital for hygiene reasons.

Leaving the department
Please inform your nurse if you wish to leave the department. If you leave the hospital grounds, you do so at your own risk; please discuss this with the doctor and nursing staff beforehand.