Targeted training

Neurorehabilitation is an integral part of the therapy and to an extent mandatory for each patient. In Klinik Hirslanden, rehabilitation starts on the first day after the procedure. Naturally, this also depends on the capacity of the intensive care unit. Studies show clearly that the sooner neurorehabilitation starts, the better bodily functions regenerate.


Minimise restrictions

Adequate and targeted neurorehabilitation can make a significant contribution to the recovery of the patient. A customised concept helps to reactivate the lost skills and to plan the best course of therapy, particularly in stroke patients with neurological deficits, such as paralysis, restricted bodily functions or loss of speech. If targeted and consistent training does not take place, and the patient challenged accordingly, these skills, normally taken for granted, will be irretrievably lost.


Selected partners

During the stay in Klinik Hirslanden, a customised programme of physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy is part of our neurological patients’ everyday life.

After the hospital stay, depending on the severity of the disease and the neurorehabilitation therapy programme, patients can visit a specialist outpatient rehabilitation clinic near their place of residence or stay as an inpatient in a rehabilitation clinic. Our selected partner clinics guarantee an optimal continuation of neurorehabilitation in close cooperation with the Stroke Centre or Neurosurgery Klinik Hirslanden.